Property Guardians - security by occupation

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Our property guardianship scheme is one of the fastest growing forms of property protection in the UK. It’s safe, secure, cost effective and socially conscious.

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Property Guardians - security by occupation

We are passionate about bringing empty properties back into use. The benefits of using our property guardian scheme are widespread; property owners receive reliable, flexible and cost-effective security for their voids. Communities avoid the blight that empty homes cause, and key-workers get access to affordable housing.

We work alongside housing associations and private landlords, with a primary focus in London and the home counties, but also covering Bristol, Brighton, Norwich and Edinburgh.

“I’ve been really impressed by the service. The process was simple and
they’ve have taken great care of every property we’ve passed to them.”

David – property developer, London

An innovative approach to property security

The property stock that we manage includes empty homes, offices, former care homes and shops.

Our live-in guardians are key-workers and young professionals who undergo a strict selection criteria. This includes CRB checks, face-to-face interviews and comprehensive reference checks, ensuring that only the most reliable and trustworthy individuals reside in properties that we manage.

property guardianship

How it works:

Property owner enters into an agreement with Property Guardians authorising us to provide services to secure empty property.

We grant non-exclusive licences to live-in guardians, allowing them to occupy and secure the empty property with a 30 day break clause.

We manage and protect your vacant property throughout the term of the agreement, including undertaking inspections and providing status reports to the owner.

On termination of the agreement between Property Guardians and the owner, our licence with the live-in guardians terminates and the property is returned within 30 days.

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Bringing communities back to life

Unprotected vacant properties are breeding grounds for theft, vandalism, trespassing and other forms of antisocial behaviour. Using our property guardian scheme to secure empty property not only provides a vital stream of affordable housing to key-workers and young professionals, but also helps avoid the blight of decaying, boarded up buildings on the UK’s streets.

“We have made huge cost savings by adopting this scheme, and plan
to use it for other empty properties in our portfolio too.”

Gemma – property asset manager, London 

Reduce your vacant property costs

Adopting property guardianship as a means to secure empty property can save property owners 100% of the cost of traditional security services, as well as substantial savings on empty property rates. Putting your empty property into use through security by occupation helps combat ‘broken window theory’ and could retain the value of property in the area.

Property guardianships cover all property types including residential, retail and office premises – for any length of time.

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Becoming a property guardian

Get access to affordable housing

There are many benefits to be had from becoming a property guardian. From significant savings compared to renting, to building friendships with people from different walks of life, and the opportunity to embrace an alternative way of living.

Property guardianship placements vary from warehouse loft spaces to empty houses, former care homes, shops and business premises. Guardianships vary in length, from as little as three months to over a year.

Interested in using our service to protect your vacant property? We've outlined everything you need to know about our service and how we can help secure it and start saving you money.

If you're interested in becoming a property guardian, apply here. We'll then let you know as soon as a suitable property becomes available to move your application forward.

Please take the time to explore the rest of our site to discover more about property guardianship. If you have any questions please get in touch. You can also connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.