Property Guardians is a London based company providing occupation, protection and management of empty properties, through the placement of fully vetted guardians. We work alongside housing associations and private landlords, with a primary focus in London but also covering Bristol, Brighton, Norwich and Edinburgh.

According to a Government report published in 2015, there are over 600,000 empty homes in the UK, of which over 205,000 have been unoccupied for six months or more. They may be empty for many reasons – waiting to be sold, or for planning permission, or while the owners are overseas.

We provide Property Guardian occupation for all property types including residential, retail and office premises, for any length of time.

Empty properties quickly become a target for vandals, squatters and metal thieves.

At Property Guardians we are passionate about bringing empty properties back into use. The benefits are widespread; property owners receive reliable, flexible and cost-effective security for their voids. Communities avoid the blight that empty homes cause, and key-workers get access to affordable housing.

We have a strict selection criteria to ensure that only the most reliable and trustworthy individuals act as Property Guardians. Our Guardians are young professionals and, preferably, key workers. They are fully-vetted which includes stringent face-to-face interviews, CRB checks, employment and housing references.

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