Empty property: the solution from Property Guardians

Empty properties have been a growing concern in the UK for many years. According to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, there were around 268,385 long-term vacant properties in England in 2020. These empty properties have become a burden on local communities and a target for vandalism and crime.

Property guardians are individuals or groups of individuals who live in vacant or temporarily unoccupied properties as a way of protecting them from vandalism, squatting, or other types of damage. Property guardians are fully vetted individuals who are looking for affordable housing options and are willing to take care of the property they live in.

How Property Guardianship works

Property guardianship involves a property owner entering into a contractual agreement with a property guardian company. The property guardian company manages the property by recruiting responsible individuals or groups of individuals to live in the property, paying a low monthly fee in return for ensuring that the property is well maintained and kept secure.

Benefits of property guardianship for empty property

Property protection

One of the primary benefits of property guardianship is property protection. Property guardianship provides a cost-effective way of protecting vacant properties from vandalism, squatting, and other types of damage. Property guardians are responsible for maintaining the property they live in and report any potential issues that may arise.


Property guardianship is a cost-effective solution to managing a property. Property owners do not have to spend a lot of money on security systems or pay for the services of a traditional property management company. Property guardianship also provides property owners with an additional source of income in the form of rental income.

Affordable Housing

Property guardianship provides affordable housing to key workers and young professionals. With the increasing cost of renting and buying properties in the UK, property guardianship provides an alternative solution for individuals who cannot afford traditional housing options. Property guardianship also helps to reduce homelessness and support vulnerable individuals.

Solving the Housing Crisis

Property guardianship can help the UK overcome the housing crisis. By bringing empty properties back into use, property guardianship provides more housing options for individuals and families in need. Property guardianship also helps to reduce the demand for new developments and the pressure on the housing market.

Sustainable Living

Property guardianship promotes sustainable living. Property guardianship companies encourage property guardians to live sustainably by reducing their carbon footprint, recycling, and conserving energy. Property guardianship also helps reduce the number of vacant or unoccupied properties, which contributes to sustainable urban development.


Empty properties have become a growing concern in the UK, but property guardianship is an innovative and cost-effective solution that brings empty properties back into use and helps to solve the UK housing crisis. Property guardianship provides property owners with many benefits, including property protection, cost-effectiveness, affordable housing, solving the housing crisis, and sustainable living. Property guardianship is a solution that is gaining popularity among property owners who want to manage their empty properties effectively while minimising costs and maximising rental income. Property guardianship also provides individuals with affordable and sustainable housing options, making it a win-win solution for everyone.


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