Guardian property management

Property Guardians provide an innovative vacant property management solution that enables huge cost savings on empty property rates, private security and maintenance costs. Our guardian property management scheme uses live-in guardians to secure empty properties for their owners, providing security and upkeep at a far lower cost than traditional security solutions.

Unprotected vacant properties are susceptible to theft, vandalism & trespassing – issues that can end up costing a property owner thousands of pounds.

Secure your empty property
vacant property management

Guardian property management services:

  • Risk assessment
  • Clean, clear and secure
  • Monitor and protect
  • Maintain and prepare
  • Generate income

Risk assessment

We offer a comprehensive free assessment to decide the level of service required to secure your empty property using live-in guardians.

vacant property management

Clean, clear and secure

We have a range of vacant property protection services to help you clear a property and make it safe for occupation. We are able to secure your vacant property usually within hours of your instruction.

Our property restoration service uses live-in guardians to help bring your property back to life

Monitor and protect

Our live-in guardians provide round the clock occupation of your vacant property. We also assign a head property guardian at each property to help manage the guardians and reports any issues to us in-house. We also undertake regular inspections to ensure property is being maintained to the highest of standards.

Maintain and prepare

When it comes to returning the property to you, we ensure a full clean and service of appliances, to ensure it is returned to you in a better state than when it was passed over to us.

Guardian housing

Generate income

As well as the huge savings that you will be making by using live-in guardians compared to traditional security, in some instances we also offer a revenue share. This is dependant on the term of the agreement and condition of the property.

Becoming a property guardian