Helping people find a property as landlords ditch the market

With the Bank of England set to raise interest rates again in the coming weeks, increasing number of landlords are expected to vacate the market and sell their properties. With a reduction in housing stock, the challenge for people trying to find a property will become even harder – just as food and energy bills continue to rise. Innovative solutions are needed to solve this growing housing crisis.

Property guardianship can address the supply gap in the rental market. It provides affordable housing by placing responsible occupants – property guardians – into vacant properties temporarily. Property guardianship ensures that empty properties remain occupied and maintained during a sales process, mitigating the effects of properties being removed from the rental market.

As landlords sell their properties, property guardians can occupy these vacant spaces at reduced rates, offering a cost-effective housing alternative for those seeking accommodation. Property guardian schemes ensure the availability of housing and prevent properties from falling into disrepair during any sale process which can often take several months.

Property guardianship offers other benefits in the face of rising property sales and diminishing rental supply. Not only does it provide affordable housing options for tenants, allowing them to find accommodation within their budget constraints, but it also facilitates positive social impact by reducing the number of vacant properties, preventing neighbourhood blight and promoting community stability. Additionally, property guardianship offers flexibility for landlords, providing a temporary solution while they reassess their long-term property investment strategies – creating cost effective security by occupation.

As increasing numbers of people struggle to find a property amidst the cost of living crisis, property guardianship is increasingly seen as a viable solution to address this challenge and fill the void left by landlords leaving the rental market, offering a practical and flexible solution for guardians and landlords. Embracing this innovative model can help the rental market can navigate the impact of rising mortgage rates and maintain a stable supply of affordable housing options for individuals across the UK.