Life as a live in guardian

Becoming a live in guardian offers many benefits – from huge cost savings compared to renting, to the experience of living with people from different walks of life. The experience of being a property guardian is both enriching and life changing.

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“I’ve made friends for life and saved thousands.”
Amy – property guardian, Bristol

What does being a live in guardian entail?

Your primary responsibility will be to protect and maintain the property you are occupying. This includes reporting any issues you encounter during your stay there at the earliest opportunity.

Property guardianship does not require you to undertake any security functions or essential maintenance work (e.g. plumbing or electrical). We will provide you with 24/7 emergency numbers in the event of a threat or risk to you or the property.

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How much does it cost?

Our live-in guardians contribute from as little as £30 / week up to £100 per week depending on the property. This includes all utility bills.

Are there any other costs involved I should be aware of?

We require a £300 deposit on move-in date. This is fully refundable once you move out of the property, provided you leave it in the same condition. We do not charge a registration fee. 

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Can I live with my partner?

Yes you can. However, they will also have to register and undergo our vetting procedure. They will also be required to sign a copy of the property guardian licence agreement.

What is the notice period?

We operate a 30 day notice period. Before moving in we will provide an indication of how long you will be able to occupy the property for. We will always try and find you another property within our guardian housing scheme to move to once the occupation comes to an end.

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Are the properties furnished?

Some properties are fully furnished. In those that are not, we will always ensure you are provided with access to kitchen and bathroom facilities with hot water. Due to the temporary nature of property guardianship, we do not provide broadband or landline telephones. Requests will be considered for property guardians to install a landline/broadband at their own cost.

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Will I be classified as a tenant?

No. We secure vacant properties by placing Guardians in a living space within a property on a short-term license, not an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST). Guardians are license holders who agree to provide security by occupation for the building they are living in on behalf on Property Guardians and the property owner. A tenancy can be defined as having possession of land or a property for a period of time agreed by a landlord (AST).

A guardian’s license is an agreement to secure an empty property. This includes a 30 day notice period allowing the property owner to gain full access to the building again. We’ll always endeavour to give you more notice than that, and also help you find somewhere to move to next.

Do you have a long waiting list?

This really depends on your flexibility to move. Property guardian vacancies in London are especially popular, and the properties we manage there get filled quickly. If you are able to move at short notice then you will usually find it easier to secure a property through us.

We keep details of every applicant on our register. As soon as a suitable property that fits your timeframe and preferred location becomes available we will contact you to move your application forward.

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