Securing an empty property using live in guardians

Latest government data reveals a 2.6% rise in long-term empty homes in England, with this stock representing a total value of £50 billion. In their latest council tax base reports, local authorities recorded over 205,000 homes being empty for more than 6 months. Using live in guardians is becoming an increasingly attractive option for property owners seeking cost effective security.

Councils in England have the power to charge owners an additional 50% in council tax if a property is empty for two or more years. This is a deterrent for many, but not for the wealthiest investors. There are now plans to increase council tax rates to 100% if a property is empty for between two and five years, and up to 200% if more than five years.

Bringing empty properties back to life

Property guardianship provides a solution

The rise in house prices in recent years has resulted in increasing numbers of people – particularly those working in public services – being unable to afford a home. Rent rises imposed by landlords have also hit those seeking to save.

Property guardianship allows key workers and young professionals to get access to affordable housing and help secure empty property. This benefits are far reaching. Communities avoid the blight of crime and anti-social behaviour that empty housing can attract. Property owners get a more effective way to protect your vacant property compared to traditional security methods, and guardians get an opportunity to access affordable housing and save money.

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