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Property Guardians is a London based company providing occupation, protection and management of empty properties using live-in guardians.

We work with private landlords, housing associations and charities, primarily in London and the home counties. We also cover cities including Bristol, Brighton, Norwich and Edinburgh.

There are over 600,000 empty homes in the UK, of which more
than 205,000 have been unoccupied for six months or more.

Property Guardian Scheme

At Property Guardians we are passionate about bringing empty properties back into use. The benefits of using our property guardians are far reaching; property owners receive reliable, flexible and cost-effective security for their voids. Communities also avoid the blight that empty homes cause, and key-workers get access to affordable housing.

How it works

Property owner enters into an agreement with Property Guardians authorising us to provide services to secure empty property

Property Guardians grants non-exclusive licences to live-in guardians, allowing them to occupy and secure the empty property with a 28 day break clause.

Property Guardians manage the vacant property throughout the term of the agreement, including undertaking inspections and providing status reports to the owner.

On termination of the agreement between Property Guardians and the owner, our licence with the live-in guardians terminates and the property is returned within 28 days.

“Using this property guardian scheme has transformed the way we manage
our voids and helped us make big savings across the business.”

Ian – Housing Officer, London 

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