Remote working and property guardianship in the global pandemic

We’re living in increasingly uncertain times. Where we work and how we we live is changing beyond recognition as the global pandemic forces us to adapt to a new normal. It’s likely that things will never be the same again. With the increasing transition to remote working models, it’s never been more important for working professionals to have a stable home environment.

In recent years, property guardianship has exploded in popularity, with working professionals now able to access affordable housing solutions, often in prime locations across the UK. With more people now working from home than ever before, using property guardians offers a highly effective solution for owners looking to secure their properties.

Working from home as a property guardian

For homeowners, the challenge to secure empty property has heightened during the pandemic. The ban on evictions in place across the UK since April 2020 has resulted in increasing numbers of individuals falling into rent arrears. In the commercial sector, an ever growing number of properties now lay empty, particularly pubs and non-essential retail units. Some of these have become a target for squatters. Government legislation on squatting eviction does not extend to such premises, meaning that owners can face a costly High Court eviction process to regain possession. Even then, it’s is not the end of their problems, with the costs of clean-up and securing the property escalating quickly.

The benefits of property guardianship

Our property guardian scheme is helping property owners and those in need of affordable housing during the pandemic. A cost effective security solution is provided for owners and working professionals can reside somewhere that will allow them to easily adapt to the demands of remote working.

The working from home model adopted by many of our guardians means that properties can be secured effectively 24 hours a day, providing peace of mind to owners during these uncertain times.

Interested in joining the property guardian revolution?

Whether you are an owner looking to secure an empty property or a working professional seeking affordable housing, property guardianship presents a solution that can change your mindset to the property market. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.