Property guardianship provides a highly effective method of securing empty property – whatever its condition or location. Hear what some of our clients have to say about their experience.

“We experienced major issues with squatters while we awaited planning consent.
Using using this scheme has given us peace of mind.”

Audrey – facilities manager, Hertford

“We have made huge cost savings by adopting this scheme, and plan to use it for other empty properties in our portfolio too.”
Gemma – property asset manager, London

“We would never have thought about using a service like this in the past, but now it’s what we use for all our properties awaiting development.”
Craig – property developer, London

“I’ve been really impressed by the service. The process was simple and they’ve have taken great care of every property we’ve passed to them.”
David – property developer, London

“We used property guardians to look after our new property while we were awaiting planning permission. It gave us a first class service and peace of mind.”
Melanie – property owner, Bristol

“Property guardianship has transformed how we approach
the management of our empty homes”

Mike – care home manager, Brighton

How it works

Property owner enters into an Agreement with Property Guardians authorising us to provide services to secure empty property.

Property Guardians grants non-exclusive licences to live in guardians to occupy and secure the empty property, including a 30 day break clause.

On termination of the agreement between Property Guardians and the owner, our licence with the live-in guardians automatically terminates, ensuring they do not acquire any tenancy rights.

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