The advantages of property guardianship vs security guard services

When it comes to securing vacant properties, property guardianship is increasingly regarded as a more effective solution than traditional security guard services. Property guardians are individuals who occupy vacant properties on a temporary basis, providing an affordable and flexible alternative to traditional security measures.

Rather than paying for a traditional security guard service which can be expensive, property guardians occupy vacant properties for a significantly lower cost. Guardians can be on site 24/7, making them ideal for properties with irregular hours of use. Property guardians are often required to occupy properties for a minimum amount of time, but their tenancy can be extended or shortened depending on the property owner’s requirements.

Property guardianship can also provide a more effective deterrent against squatters and trespassers. Property guardians occupy vacant properties, meaning that there is a constant presence at the property which is often enough to deter potential intruders. The guardians have a vested interest in maintaining the property, as it is their temporary home. This often leads to a higher level of care and attention towards the property, reducing the risk of damage or vandalism.

The live-in guardians also help with basic maintenance tasks as part of their agreement to stay at the property, such as maintaining gardens, saving property owners both time and money. Furthermore, property guardianship provides social benefits to the community, as the presence of guardians in the area can help to prevent properties from becoming derelict or abandoned.

Property guardianship can be a more sustainable solution for securing vacant properties too. By occupying vacant properties, property guardians provide a more environmentally friendly solution to securing properties than traditional security guard services. This is because guardianship makes use of already-existing properties, reducing the need for the construction of new buildings or the use of additional resources.

By providing affordable and flexible housing solutions, property guardianship can help to alleviate some of the pressure on housing shortages during the ongoing housing crisis. This not only benefits the property owner but also has a positive impact on the wider community.

With its cost-effective, flexible, and sustainable nature, property guardianship can provide a range of benefits to both property owners and the wider community. By providing a constant presence and a more sustainable and socially responsible solution, it is an ideal solution for securing vacant properties vs security guard services.