Vacant property security

Property Guardians provides effective vacant property security – covering residential, retail and office premises – for any length of time, and in any UK location.

Despite legislation outlawing squatting (only applicable to residential property), it remains a constant issue for property owners. The costs of repairs from damage can quickly spiral, as well as associated issues that arise when an empty property has been being targetted by drug abusers and fly-tippers.

vacant property security

Our vacant property security solution

We have developed a property guardian scheme that is saving property owners thousands of pounds on empty property rates, private security and maintenance costs. We place live-in guardians into empty properties to provide security and upkeep. Our solution provides key workers with access to affordable housing, and gives property owners peace of mind that their empty property is being looked after.

How it works

Property owner seeking vacant property security enters into an agreement with Property Guardians authorising us to provide services to secure their empty property.

Property Guardians grants non-exclusive licences to live in guardians to occupy and secure the empty property, including a 30 day break clause.

On termination of the agreement between Property Guardians and the owner, our licence with the live-in guardians automatically terminates, ensuring they do not acquire any tenancy rights.

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Who are the property guardians?

Our selection criteria ensures that only the most reliable and trustworthy individuals act as Property Guardians to secure empty property. The guardians are fully-vetted which includes face-to-face interviews, CRB checks, employment and housing references.

We only recruit Guardians who are non-smokers and do not have household pets, or children.

What are the guardians' responsibilities?

The primary responsibility of a property guardian is to ensure the upkeep and protection of the property during their term of occupation. As part of this they are required to undertake regular checks of the property to ensure it is secure and structurally sound.

Our property guardians are also required to adhere to strict Fire, Health & Safety guidelines provided by us at the start of the occupation to ensure the safety of the property and the guardians residing there throughout the term of occupation.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the property type and length of time that it is handed over for, we usually do not charge a management fee. 

What is the notice period?

Our property guardians vacate with 30 days notice, and viewings, inspections, and renovations can be carried out by the owner at anytime whilst the property is under our care.

vacant property security london

How does the process work?

If you decide to proceed, you would sign a legal agreement with Property Guardians authorising us to provide our services to provide security by occupation. We would then grant non-exclusive licences to our live in guardians allowing them to occupy and protect your vacant property. Our legal structure ensures guardians do not acquire any Tenancy rights.

Why use property guardians?

At the heart of our property guardian scheme is a commitment to provide the highest level of service when we protect your vacant property. Putting your property into use through security by occupation also helps combat ‘broken window theory’ and could retain the value of property in the area too.

What other services do you provide?

Our trusted house sitters service is perfect for home owners who want someone on hand to feed pets and look after their home while away on holiday. 

Other services we offer include on-site security using SIA accredited guards. Our vacant property protection services include a maintenance and restoration service for property owners whose assets have fallen into a state of major disrepair.

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